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Story Links

WARNING! Several of my stories are of an adult nature, and the sites they are hosted on also include other adult stories. All of the stories below also feature transgender themes. You have been warned!

Genomorph – A disabled former SEAL is offered the chance to be healed through the use of an alien machine. It works, but not quite the way anyone expected.

Lost Luggage – Eric was fed up with his job and his life and just wanted something different. What he gets is far more than he ever dreamed possible. (EXPLICIT CONTENT)

The Road to Jericho – A new take on an old parable.

The Prodigal – It’s Christmas, and a lonely couple whose son vanished years ago wonder if they will ever feel joy again. When a young woman named Breegan comes to rent a room from them, they feel drawn to her, and learn that miracles really do happen.

The Female of the Species – They say that man is the most dangerous game, but they have never faced the Female of the Species.

D.O.A. – Someone has decided to get rid of private investigator Nick Llewellyn, and they’ve chosen a twisted way to do it. He has just twenty-four hours to find out who is trying to erase him, twenty-four hours until he is DOA.

Journey to Eden – In a post-apocalyptic world where women are just a memory and man is an endangered species, a disillusioned veteran finds hope, love, and learns that magic is very real.

Daughters of the Moon – A team of paranormal investigators come to a haunted brothel and find out the ghosts are very real – and they want their bodies! (EXPLICIT CONTENT)

4 comments to Story Links

  • Stuart

    Scott…….. i loved the story Genomorph. The ending was a total set-up for a sequel. Is there one in the making? Your writing is clear and and your characters are fleshed out. It really flowed for me. PLEASE say the sequel is “just around the corner”……. Stuart

  • Stuart,

    I don’t think I can promise that it’s just around the corner, but a sequel is in the works.

  • Stuart

    Scott……. Thanks for writing back! OH BOY, I can hardly wait!

  • Catherine Linda Michel

    I’ve been re-reading GENOMORPH by Scott and it’s a great story. The first story arc is complete, but there is a teaser for arc 2, yet no stories have been posted. There was a link to Fictioneer for Scotts page, but it no longer exists, and Scotts name is not on the Fictioneer list of authors.

    Scott, if you are still out there, GENOMORPH is a GREAT story and I’d LOVE to see more of it. Thanks for writing it and sharing it with us. If you need a push to get back to it, consider this a very gentle, loving fan-push. I hope you are okay and everything in your life is good as well. I know how real life can get in the way of the creative process. If there’s anything I can do to help, please let me know?

    Huggles and love, your fan,
    Catherine Linda Michel

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