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    Updated 10/03/13

    TCE – Terran Common Era
    AE – Anno Exodus
    KCE – Karynis Common Era

  • 2083 TCE – Dr. Anson Bowne creates the first genetic humanoid construct, or genstruct, through what comes to be known as the Bowne Process. This is met with almost universal condemnation.
  • 2109 TCE – First Lagrangian colony established at the Earth/Sol L2 point.
  • 2130 TCE – Mars colony established. Production of the first Alpha line genstructs is approved; thes genstructs are engineered to endure the Martian environment with minimal protective equipment, to facilitate their task as the primary labor force for the Mars terraforming project.
  • 2150 TCE – First generation of genstructs reach maturity.
  • 2263 TCE – Mars terraforming successfully completed, opening the planet to major colonization. Work begins on an Alpha variant, to facilitate the terraforming of Saturn’s moon, Titan.
  • 2265 TCE – Dr. Gretchen Moeller confirms the existence of a hyperdimesional membrane, separating normal space from hyperspace.  Subsequent research into the properties of the Moeller Layer uncover the fact that the speed of light within the Layer is 5000 times faster than it is in nspace. The discovery is heralded as the potential key to faster-than-light travel.
  • 2312 TCE – Dr. Isaiah Kerensky perfects his Synchrotron Worm Drive, or K-Drive, which utilizes the properties of the Moeller Layer to propel a vessel at previously impossible speeds.
  • 2320 TCE – Dr. Michio Kakuro perfects the graviton field generator. Using this technology, K-Drive equipped vessels are able to generate navigational deflectors and protect themselves from damage by the interstellar medium. Spacecraft speeds rise dramatically as they are able to take full advantage of the K-Drive, and within two decades they are the only vessels operating within the Sol system. But they remain limited to speeds well below that of light.
  • 2364 TCE – While testing a new type of deflector, utilizing tachyons generated by the K-Drive to enhance the field,  USS Argonaut accidentally penetrates the Moeller Layer and exceeds the speed of light for a brief time. It is only able to achieve a top velocity of 35 cee relative to normal space, but the path to the stars has been opened.
  • 2394 TCE – First interstellar colony established
  • 2488 TCE – First contact with the alien Rell. The Rell are an aggressive, primate-like race. They average slightly taller than humans and are covered with light, soft fur. Technologically they were slightly inferior to the Terran Sphere. This first encounter is anything but peaceful, and ends with a Rell ship firing on an unarmed Terran deep exploration vessel. Many similar incidents will occur in the following decades.
  • 2587 TCE – Probes return from the Kaynis Expanse, a spherical volume of space 1000 light years in diameter that has a disproportionate number of G and F class stars with planetary systems. Over 8000 light years from Earth, it is too distant for drives of the day to make colonization economically feasible. This does not dissuade many, who see the very distance of the Expanse as a reason to migrate there.
  • 2607 TCE – A cooperative effort involving several Terran megacorporations sends a major colonial expedition to the Expanse. It will take the ships almost two hundred years to reach their destination, the Cestus system, and the colony is equipped to be self sufficient. It is hoped that within the next two centuries, drive technology will have advanced to a point that makes trade profitable, and when this happens the Karynis Association will be well placed to dominate the market.
  • 2787 TCE – The ships of the Karynis Association reach Cestus, and establish the first human colony in the Expanse.
  • 2790 TCE –  The Kiribati Colonial Expedition is launched by Aldric Burroughs, an extremely wealthy industrialist with dreams of empire. He seizes upon anti-government sentiments to draw followers to him. Though drive systems have advanced, the journey still takes over a century.
  • 2823 TCE – The Rell massacre a human colony on Cinnabar, 115 light years from Earth, and the Rell War begins. The Terran Sphere is not totally unprepared for hostilities, having begun production of the Omega line of military genstructs 140 years earlier. Trained and conditioned virtually from birth, they were placed in cryostasis upon reaching maturity. As the Rell begin penetrating deeper into Terran space, the Omegas are awakened and sent to face them.
  • 2868 TCE – After some initial success by the Rell, the technological superiority of the Terran Sphere, combined with the tactical and strategic superiority provided by the Omegas, succeeds in halting the Rell and driving them back into their own space. The Terrans press their advantage, eventually crushing the Rell fleet in their home system. The Terran Sphere more than doubles in size as it absorbs the conquered Rell systems, and the Omegas are left on this new frontier to act as wardens.
  • 2916 TCE – the Genstruct Uprising. After 386 years of servitude a significant portion of the genstructs revolt against their ‘pure human’ masters. They seize key systems and facilities throughout the frontier, and launch a series of raids into the Terran Core, crippling infrastructure and military assets that would be used against them, liberating hundreds of thousands of genstructs in the process. While the Omegas hold the line, their human supporters on the frontier begin building colony ships.
  • 2920 TCE – The Genstruct Exodus begins with the departure of the first colony ships for the Karynis Expanse.
  • 2939 TCE – The Kiribati Colonial Expedition reaches their destination in the Expanse. Ten years later Aldric Burroughs installs- himself as Imperator Aldric I, and the Kiribati Imperium is formed.
  • 2945 TCE – After twenty nine years of fighting, the Terran Core has reclaimed all but one of the frontier systems. With the Terran Fleet closing in, Admiral Jackson Pharris leads his badly outnumbered Omega Fleet to meet them, buying time for the last colony ships to escape.
  • 3036 TCE – The first ships of the Exodus reach the Hellas system, and establish a colony on the fifth planet. Twenty-five years later the final group joins them. The ships of the so called Genstruct Exodus have carried over six million to this new home, but more than a third of them are pure humans.
  • 17 AE (3078 TCE) – First contact with the Minosans. Native to the Expanse, Minosans look very similar to humans, with the exception of a uniformly pale complexion and feline eyes. While friendly, they tend to be very tight-lipped about their social structure, and all Minosans encountered appear to be female. In fact they are hermaphrodites, though for many years they allow their neighbors to believe they are a matriarchal society.
  • 89 AE (3150 TCE) – The rapidly growing colony on Hellas gives rise to two star nations. Caledonia, Hibernia, and Iona are settled, forming the Caledonian Star Kingdom. Robert Bannister, a hero of the Genstruct Uprising, is proclaimed King and the House of Bannister is formed. Argos, Medea and Calusa are settled, creating the United Stellar Confederation.
  • 1 KCE (160 AE; 3221 CE) – The Minosan Convention establishes standards for interstellar trade and relations within the Expanse. The Karynis Common Calendar is created for time keeping, with a year that is 23% longer than that of Earth.
  • 33 KCE (201 AE; 3262 TCE) – First Conclave on Hellas establishes the League of Allied Star Systems, consisting of the Confederation, Caledonia and the Minosans. Hellas is established as an independently governed protectorate of all three.  A joint naval academy is constructed on an island off the west coast of its largest continent, which is renamed Pharris Island in honor of Jackson Pharris.
  • 115 – 125 KCE – Over this ten year period tensions rise due to a number of incidents with the Association along the fringe of the Karynis Nebula. The issue stems from the dark matter in the nebula, which is vital to faster-than-light travel, and the fact that the Association insists it has a legal claim on the entire nebula (over one million cubic parsecs). Despite its age the Association is militarily weak and the League could easily crush it, but they choose a more tempered, diplomatic route. It culminates with the Treaty of Cestus, in which the Association agrees to abandon it’s claims in exchange for League naval support to protect the infrastructure it has built.
  • 349 KCE (589 AE) – Imperial warships begin operating more aggressively along the nebula,s fringe, and near the Association’s periphery, ostensibly to protect their shipping in the face of increasing piracy. Over the next forty years there are a number of tense encounters between Imperial and League vessels.
  • 391 KCE (641 AE) – The League learns of the existence of a base in the Makin system, which is supporting pirate activity in the Association sector. Three battle groups are sent to the system; they destroy the raiders and seize the system, but while it is strongly believed that the Imperium is behind it all, no evidence is found to support this.
  • 416 KCE (672 AE) – Michael Sterling born on Sparta, part of the Confederation.
  • 423 KCE (680 AE) – Pirate activity along the Fringe begins to rise again.
  • 432 KCE (691 AE) –  First Interstellar War begins. In an attempt to seize the dark matter resources of the Karynis Association, believing the League will not actually go to war to protect the Association, which is over three hundred light years from their own space. They quickly learn they were mistaken.
  • 433 KCE (692 AE) Seventeen year old Michael Sterling, worried that the war will be over too soon, declines an appointment to the Naval Academy on Hellas and enlists in the Confederation Navy.
  • 436 KCE (696 AE)) – Battle of Sagan. Petty Officer Michael Sterling, as a tactical specialist aboard the UCS Defiant, distinguishes himself in combat when the battleship suffers heavy damage, and is awarded a field commission as an ensign.
  • 439 KCE (700 AE) – ISW I comes to an end when the naval forces of the Imperium are shattered at the Battle of Cestus. The victory is cause for celebration, but it is muted as the full effects of the Imperial occupation of the Association are revealed.  No remnant of the original government infrastructure remains, not even at the system level. Marines are sent to each system to maintain order while attempts are made to establish new planetary governments, but this is met with almost uniform hostility. After years under the Imperium, the people of the Association aren’t willing to accept even a ‘benevolent’ occupation.
  • 443 KCE (705 AE) – Realizing the need to restore stability to the Karynis Association, and understanding that their Marine forces are only exacerbating the situation, the Confederation Navy establishes the Special Operations, Assault and Recon (SOAR) Commandos. Drawn entirely from naval personnel, SOAR troops are given advanced training in orbital drop insertion, small unit assault tactics and recon. Because they are intended to operate in small groups for specific missions, nearly every warship is supplied with SOAR troopers, allowing the Marine occupation forces to turn over routine defense of Association systems to planetary forces, while SOAR remains present to intervene in specific incidents. Lieutenant JG Michael Sterling is one of the founding members.
  • 484 KCE (755 AE) – Diplomats from Yridia, an independent system, approach the League on behalf of the Imperium, proposing negotiations towards establishing a formal peace treaty, which would end the state of war that has existed for 45 years.
  • 487 KCE (759 AE) – Captain Michael Sterling is given command of UCS Katana, a battlecruiser assigned to Confed’s 7th Fleet in the Association.
  • 489 KCE (761 AE) – Michael Sterling and Katana are assigned to Midgard Station (formerly the Makin system), as the command element for the single task force left there when 7th Fleet withdraws to Cestus.

2 comments to TIMELINE

  • Terry

    Wow! That is one detailed and long timeline. I just finished it.

    I like the Minosans. How could I not like them? I hope they figure prominently in your story.

    I’m curious about the human life span in your future. You mention Mike is 71 and is still active. You also say his sister is born when he’s 50. That assumes a much greater life span, something I would expect for the far future. You also mention that the Minosans help with technological advancements in life sciences. I wonder if they help greatly extend the human life span.

    I know you can’t cover everything in a timeline but since you imply a much greater life span, it would be nice to at least specify the average life span.

    I’ve got one last thing. Your timeline seems rather conservative to me. It seems to take a very long time for all the required technological advancements to occur before everything starts really heating up. Given our current rate of advancement, it seems to me that things would happen much more quickly. I think having a more rapid pace of progress would help add to the chaos and help create a lot of the conflicts that you’ve created here.

  • I revised the timeline to reflect changes, as I once again get to work on writing this story.

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