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Forged in Fire

My current project is a novel entitled Forged in Fire. It’s a space opera, inspired by my love of military sci fi, and particularly David Weber’s Honor Harrington series.

Hard science fiction is a lot harder than most people realize. I’ve been working for quite some time on this one, and am still doing mostly background. I know the story I want to tell and how things will flow, but I need to have most of the background details ironed out before I can really get down to serious writing. So, I’m going to post some of that background here, and hopefully some folks will give it a look and let me know what they think.

If all goes well, Forged in Fire will be an epic tale of interstellar war, with a lot of action, but it’s also a deeper story than that. It will follow the path of a young woman struggling to find her place in a life she never imagined, as someone she never dreamed she would be. It’s about change, unwelcome, brutal change, and about reaching within to find the will to turn something meant to destroy you into a source of strength.

When will it be finished? Well, that’s a question that is probably left unasked at the moment, but I’m working on it!

Check out these links for some background and other stuff:


Interstellar Travel

Karynis Expanse

The Minosans

Opening Shot

1 comment to Forged in Fire

  • Terry

    Hiya Bree! 🙂

    I finally made it back to check out your space opera story. I’ll be getting to your snippet but first I’ll be going through your timeline.

    I love sci-fi, fantasy and real-world fiction. I have broad interests, and I wish more readers would try to cultivate broader interests too. Whatever happened to variety being the spice of life? In other words, I hope your story gets the attention I’m sure it deserves. I’ll let you know what I think after I’ve read your snippet. 🙂

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