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Genomorph: Valkyrie Rising — Progress!

The first draft of Part 1 is complete! This is a pretty huge milestone for me, as it’s been well over a year since I made anything close to this kind of progress in my writing.

Like it’s predecessor, Valkyrie Rising will be in five parts. Each part will feature its own individual plot, which […]

What’s New?

I am doing my best to work diligently on my writing, and am trying a new approach … since nothing else has been working. I currently have several stories in the works, and rather than trying to tackle them one at a time I am working on them concurrently. So far it seems to be […]


I got a little wild with DAZ Studio and produced this picture, among others. This is Thalia Thalassaki, the protagonist of the story I am working on currently. […]

Amazing Photo

The shuttle Atlantis and the Hubble Space Telescope transiting the sun. Check it out here:

A really bright idea … not

In a move of truly inspired idiocy, someone decided to schedule a photo op today using a VC-25, that’s the designation for a 747 converted to ferry the President around. It wasn’t actually Air Force One, it was the backup aircraft, escorted by a pair of F-16 fighters. What’s so idiotic about that you ask? […]

It didn’t feel like one of those days

Did you ever do something really, I mean monumentally dumb? The kind of bone-head thing that makes you want to bang said head bone against the wall? Well, I apparently am gifted that way…


Howdy y’all!

First! Well, at least I think I’m the first … do I get a prize if I am? I just have this compulsion to sign up for things online – which probably explains the huge quantities of spam that pours into my inbox. So, what shall I do with all this?

That’s gonna require some […]