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Genomorph: Valkyrie Rising — Progress!

The first draft of Part 1 is complete! This is a pretty huge milestone for me, as it’s been well over a year since I made anything close to this kind of progress in my writing.

Like it’s predecessor, Valkyrie Rising will be in five parts. Each part will feature its own individual plot, which will conclude by the end of that part, but there will also be threads which continue into the subsequent parts, both as the unifying story of this novel and the larger tale of the Genomorph universe. There are some major, life changing developments ahead for Brandi, some of which have roots in her past life.

I am now working on Part 2, and when I have the first draft of all five parts done I’ll go back through each one and tweak them for the second draft. Once that’s accomplished, it’ll be ready to send off for proofing, and then after some more tweaking to pull it into a final draft, I’ll be ready to post. I’m shooting for the end of April or early June.

I have suffered a technical issue; my desktop comp is over 10 years old, and the video card failed on it last week. I’m continuing work on my laptop; it’s old and slow too, but so far it’s plugging along. As soon as I can save up some cash I’ll get a nev graphics card and be back on the desktop, but that may not happen before my target date. If it doesn’t, that won’t stop me from posting, I just won’t be able to use the graphic I was working on for the teaser.

Keep your fingers crossed, and I’ll be posting updates as I continue to press on!

4 comments to Genomorph: Valkyrie Rising — Progress!

  • Scott…….. I am delighted by the news. Genomorph has always been one of my all time favorite stories.I can hardly wait to read it…So glad that you’re up and running again… Stuart

  • Todd

    I am delighted that Genomorph is being continued and can not wait to read it

  • John Nelson

    Hello Scott, Just wanted to tell you that I really liked Genomorph, I thought it would have been a great idea for a movie, and I would like to ask how the sequel is coming along. Not trying to rush you, just was wondering. Anyway, love your writing, and keep on keeping on 😉

  • Doug


    hope you are still out there. have been waiting for a continuation of this story for a long time and would really like to know where we go from here. Your characters and stories have become some of the ones that have ended up in my all time favorite files.
    Thanks so much,


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