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A really bright idea … not

In a move of truly inspired idiocy, someone decided to schedule a photo op today using a VC-25, that’s the designation for a 747 converted to ferry the President around. It wasn’t actually Air Force One, it was the backup aircraft, escorted by a pair of F-16 fighters. What’s so idiotic about that you ask? Well, they decided that it would make a really great picture to have it buzz the Statue of Liberty.

It was all properly approved by the FAA,  and the NYPD and Port Authority were dutifully informed of the publicity stunt … and given instructions not to alert the public. Mayor Bloomberg was also left off the list of those with a need to know about this event – it was classified you see.

The sight of a low flying jet airliner caused a panic, and who can blame New Yorkers for that?  They fled their high rise office buildings as all too vivid memories of a September morning in 2001 were brought brutally to the surface. It appears that no one was seriously injured in the panic, but the mental anguish caused can only be imagined.

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