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A really great read

So there I was, in the midst of the whole Amazonfail thing, when I found something truly amazing. I was searching through the books that came up after doing a search for ‘transgender’ to see how many were delisted, when I came across one entitled ‘Luna’ by Julie Anne Peters. I was interested enough that I decided to buy it – but being the sort that likes instant gratification I went to Fictionwise and got it as an ebook. I started reading it as soon as it was downloaded, and I didn’t stop until I had finished.

Luna is a remarkable story. It’s told from the perspective of Regan, a sixteen-year-old girl whose brother, Liam, is transgender. Liam comes into Regan’s room at night and lets the girl within out, dressing and posing, and playing hell with poor Regan’s sleep cycle. She is the only one who knows the secret, that her brother really should be her sister, and she has kept that secret for years.

Regan’s love and loyalty doesn’t come without cost, or without a good deal of resentment. In the opening chapter, Regan is awakened at two-thirty in the morning by her sister, who tells her she has decided to call herself Luna rather than the Lia Marie she has been using until now.

“Luna,” she repeated softly, more to herself than me. “Appropriate, wouldn’t you say? A girl who can only be seen by moonlight?”

Luna has more than just a name change in mind, however. She is no longer content to remain trapped within the shell of the boy the world sees. Luna wants to be free to live her life and find her way, and she needs Regan’s help to do that. But Regan has a life too, a life that has been shunted aside for too long while she has struggled to support and protect her sister. She’s dealing with school, where her teachers expect her to live up to the standard of her genius brother Liam, and the cute new guy who is actually interested in her. Throw in a job babysitting for a family she absolutely adores, and who only succeed in showing how dysfunctional her own home life is, and you have all the ingredients for some major teen angst.

Luna is a story of love, of coping, of understanding and growing – a story of triumph when all logic says you should fail. Most of all it is an inspirational tale that will have you laughing, crying and wanting to reach through the pages and embrace these two heroines. It’s rated Young Adult and should be suitable for most readers, and I highly recommend it.

2 comments to A really great read

  • Hi there,
    What a wonderful review that you’ve written. I’ve wanted an excuse to go browse over at Fictionwise for some more e-books and now I have one. Thanks for the recomendation and I look forward to reading Luna. I am excited by the possibility from learning from each other and I hope that we all can find time to use our blogs here.
    All my hopes,
    Ariel Montine

  • scottramsey

    Thanks, Ariel, I hope you enjoy Luna as much as I did!

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