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A really bright idea … not

In a move of truly inspired idiocy, someone decided to schedule a photo op today using a VC-25, that’s the designation for a 747 converted to ferry the President around. It wasn’t actually Air Force One, it was the backup aircraft, escorted by a pair of F-16 fighters. What’s so idiotic about that you ask? […]

It didn’t feel like one of those days

Did you ever do something really, I mean monumentally dumb? The kind of bone-head thing that makes you want to bang said head bone against the wall? Well, I apparently am gifted that way…


Space is … big

I’ve added some info about my current literary effort, a space opera entitled ‘Forged in Fire’. Check the My Writing link above or to the right. You’ll also find links there to my previously published work.

A really great read

Luna is a remarkable story. It’s told from the perspective of Regan, a sixteen-year-old girl whose brother, Liam, is transgender. Liam comes into Regan’s room at night and lets the girl within out, dressing and posing, and playing hell with poor Regan’s sleep cycle. She is the only one who knows the secret, that her brother really should be her sister, and she has kept that secret for years. […]

Howdy y’all!

First! Well, at least I think I’m the first … do I get a prize if I am? I just have this compulsion to sign up for things online – which probably explains the huge quantities of spam that pours into my inbox. So, what shall I do with all this?

That’s gonna require some […]