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Genomorph: Valkyrie Rising — Progress!

The first draft of Part 1 is complete! This is a pretty huge milestone for me, as it’s been well over a year since I made anything close to this kind of progress in my writing.

Like it’s predecessor, Valkyrie Rising will be in five parts. Each part will feature its own individual plot, which will conclude by the end of that part, but there will also be threads which continue into the subsequent parts, both as the unifying story of this novel and the larger tale of the Genomorph universe. There are some major, life changing developments ahead for Brandi, some of which have roots in her past life.

I am now working on Part 2, and when I have the first draft of all five parts done I’ll go back through each one and tweak them for the second draft. Once that’s accomplished, it’ll be ready to send off for proofing, and then after some more tweaking to pull it into a final draft, I’ll be ready to post. I’m shooting for the end of April or early June.

I have suffered a technical issue; my desktop comp is over 10 years old, and the video card failed on it last week. I’m continuing work on my laptop; it’s old and slow too, but so far it’s plugging along. As soon as I can save up some cash I’ll get a nev graphics card and be back on the desktop, but that may not happen before my target date. If it doesn’t, that won’t stop me from posting, I just won’t be able to use the graphic I was working on for the teaser.

Keep your fingers crossed, and I’ll be posting updates as I continue to press on!

What’s New?

I am doing my best to work diligently on my writing, and am trying a new approach … since nothing else has been working. I currently have several stories in the works, and rather than trying to tackle them one at a time I am working on them concurrently. So far it seems to be […]


I got a little wild with DAZ Studio and produced this picture, among others. This is Thalia Thalassaki, the protagonist of the story I am working on currently. […]

Witchblade the Anime

Sought by the greed of men since the dawn of humankind, but only bestowed upon the woman whose fate it forever scars – the Witchblade. Is it the Righteous Sword of God, or the Hand of the Devil himself? Now a new bearer has been chosen and she must discover the answers for herself. As she stands on the brink of destiny, she is forced to seek the balance between ecstasy and ruin… I’m not a really huge anime fan, I have to work pretty hard to find a series that actually grabs and holds my interest. One of those that succeeded recently was Witchblade. Based on the popular comic series from Top Cow, at first glance Witchblade is your typical anime action fare; busty ladies in skimpy outfits slugging it out in epic battles. If you give it a chance and take the time to look deeper, however, Witchblade is so much more. […]


I’m going to be posting some snippets of Forged In Fire, and the first is up. Just click the link in the right sidebar and check it out!

Amazing Photo

The shuttle Atlantis and the Hubble Space Telescope transiting the sun. Check it out here:

A really bright idea … not

In a move of truly inspired idiocy, someone decided to schedule a photo op today using a VC-25, that’s the designation for a 747 converted to ferry the President around. It wasn’t actually Air Force One, it was the backup aircraft, escorted by a pair of F-16 fighters. What’s so idiotic about that you ask? […]

It didn’t feel like one of those days

Did you ever do something really, I mean monumentally dumb? The kind of bone-head thing that makes you want to bang said head bone against the wall? Well, I apparently am gifted that way…


Space is … big

I’ve added some info about my current literary effort, a space opera entitled ‘Forged in Fire’. Check the My Writing link above or to the right. You’ll also find links there to my previously published work.

A really great read

Luna is a remarkable story. It’s told from the perspective of Regan, a sixteen-year-old girl whose brother, Liam, is transgender. Liam comes into Regan’s room at night and lets the girl within out, dressing and posing, and playing hell with poor Regan’s sleep cycle. She is the only one who knows the secret, that her brother really should be her sister, and she has kept that secret for years. […]